A new way to tell the conservation story.

As human population and development expand across the American West the effects of climate change, commercial activity, and indifference are unmistakable. The accelerated decline of natural habitat and rapid rise of imperiled species are taking a toll on the West’s ecology and culture.

It is time to reimagine a new way forward for wildlife and western communities. 

The 2015 Reimagine Western Landscapes Forum: Keeping the Wild ~ The 21st Century Nature Narrative continues its mission of “using the environmental humanities to inspire the will to act for human and natural world prosperity.”

By infusing conservation language, theory, and practice with the intrinsic principles of the humanities–empathy, creativity, imagination and diverse perspectives– along with methodologies of reflection,analysis, and interpretation, the Reimagine environmental humanities forums are providing a revitalized narrative for threatened western landscapes and vanishing wildlife.

Animal Rites by Monte Dolack

Animal Rites by Monte Dolack